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New & Improved Formula!

Liquid Rubber® for Re-Skinning

Inland Marine Liquid Rubber® is truly a unique breakthrough in the rubber field. For the first time, we are able to get 100% pure EPDM rubber in liquid form to cure without vulcanizing; that is applying high heat and pressure at the same time, which is what the manufacturer did when your boat was made.

The consistency of honey, Liquid Rubber “paints” on to form a seamless, leakproof membrane of pure rubber. Available in black, white and gray, one quart will renew a 10-foot boat with a coating 3-4 mils thick when applied according to the easy-to-follow instructions. Multiple coats may be applied for thicker applications. (If you can paint a wall, you can do this.)

Liquid Rubber truly renews and restores your boat to its new condition, even if your boat has lost some of its outer skin and even if the fabric is showing through. Use Inland Marine Liquid Rubber to spot repair or reinforce those heavy wear spots before they wear through, or re-skin the entire boat with Liquid Rubber to add years of serviceability to your boat.


How it’s used:


  1. Sand (abrade) and clean the area to be treated.
  2. Paint it on! Liquid Rubber will “flow” to form a smooth finish of pure rubber.
  3. Dries and cures completely in about 12 hours depending on conditions.

Now that your boat functions like new, let’s make it look like new with Inland Marine TopSide Paint® and Numbering/ Stencil Kit®.

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